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Juice Wrld and the Legacy He Left

It took only three years of releasing hip hop music originally on SoundCloud for Juice Wrld to be recognized for his talented vocals and melodies. It didn't take long for record labels to notice his potential and quality of music, quickly pushing his sound into the mainstream industry. Juice's music has been known to reference drug usage, heart-breaks, and other mental health problems faced by many in today's society.

It was a shock to the world when the news that Juice Wrld died at the age of 21, just a week after his birthday. His death left fans mourning, and established artists frustrated at the loss of potential and influence Juice had on the music industry as a whole.

Juice Wrld's Music

Juice Wrld has been one of the most recognized artists coming from the new generation and wave of SoundCloud rappers that have broken into the mainstream spotlight. Songs like 'Lucid Dreams', 'Bandit', 'All Girls are the Same', and 'Hate Me' quickly grew in popularity, showcasing his unique voice and genius lyrics. These songs easily found their spot on the billboard hot 100. Juice's melodic approach provided listeners with catchy but purposeful songs that have inspired countless of new artists and even established artists.

It is very easy to notice that there is a lot of reference's to his apparent drug usages, similar to artists like Lil Peep and Mac Miller. Although he was open about his drug usage and being more disciplined to make the change, he also advocated against drug usage to the youth. In multiple interviews including one with the New York Times, he discussed the dangers of drugs and the impact it will have on someone's life, and his own personal drug usage.

Juice had the rare ability to freestyle lyrics and melody with intense emotion—a feat he famously demonstrated for more than an hour on Tim Westwood’s British radio show, in 2018. Producer Rex Kudo recalls the first time he met Juice at Metropolis Studios in London, where Kudo was working on a song with the artist M.I.A

Juice Wrld's Death

Jarad Anthony Higgins, Juice Wrld, was pronounced dead on December 8, 2019 after suffering a seizure on a private jet flying from Los Angeles to Chicago. The news shocked the world and left many fans questioning what happened was there anything that could have been done to prevent his untimely death.

The Chicago Police Department reported that Juice had a seizure walking through the airport, bleeding from his mouth. Even with the assistance of paramedics and law enforcement, he was transported to a medical emergency room where he was later pronounced dead. Federal agents did find a lot of drugs transported on the private jet he was traveling on with friends. The Cook County medical examiner announced that Higgins died due to result of oxycodone and codeine toxicity. 

It is unfortunate in today's society that the use of drugs is being accepted as a way to cope with mental health problems, and is seen as one of the only option for the youth. There have been countless artists historically passing away from gun violence, natural causes, or accidents. But as of recent, the overdoses, drug abuse, and self inflicting harm has been on record numbers, taking the lives of many up and coming artists at such a young age.

Juice Wrld Art

There are many ways you can still keep Juice Wrld's name and memory alive. Playing and streaming his music, collecting memorabilia, or showcasing his life in the form of art. There are many artists who are currently creating renditions of unique Juice Wrld posters, available to decorate your room and show how much he meant to one of his biggest fans.

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