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Kanye West's Legendary Album: Graduation

It has been 14 years since Kanye West has dropped his third and one of his most legendary albums, Graduation. This album was produced after the success of his first two albums 'College Dropout' and 'Late Registration'. Kanye's influence on the music industry has bled over into multiple industries including fashion and aesthetics, developing a culture felt throughout the world, leaving many to consider comparisons to even the likes of Michael Jackson.

There has been a lot of notable characters that have contributed to the development of Kanye West, who has, in turn, helped develop as well. Artists like Talib Kweli, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, and more have been directly involved in pushing each other to alter the ideology of hip-hop, increasing the reach of this genre to a global scale.

The Album

Kanye's 'Graduation' has been one of the most popularized hip-hop albums, inspiring many of the new generations of artists in core fundamentals as flows, beats, and more importantly perception. Kanye West's single 'Stronger' quickly became one of the most iconic songs for the immediate difference of style compared to his work on the previous 2 albums. Using auto-tuned vocals, electronic synths, and pop choruses that were designed to sell out arenas. Inspirations coming from techno artists such as Daft Punk.

The features on this album were what set the pretext for this album to be as successful as it was. Artists including Mos Def, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, DJ Premier, Dwele, Chris Martin, John Mayer, and Albert Daniels, each played a key role in bringing Kanye West's genius into the eyes and ears of the world's hip-hop scene. The album included a plethora of songs, styles, visuals, and newly introduced sounds, differentiating from aggressive, catchy, and slow jamz.

Song List:

  • Good Morning
  • Champion
  • Stronger
  • I Wonder
  • Good Life (ft. T-Pain)
  • Can't Tell Me Nothing
  • Barry Bonds (ft. Lil Wayne)
  • Drunk and Hot Girls (ft. Mos Def)
  • Flashing Lights (ft. Dwele)
  • Everything I Am (ft. DJ Premier)
  • The Glory
  • Homecoming (ft. Chris Martin)
  • Big Brother
  • Good Night (ft. Mos Def, Albert Daniels)
  • Bittersweet Poetry (ft. John Mayers)


Although Kanye West's 'Stronger' may be one of the most recognized due to one of the most catchy sounds and iconic music videos, the other songs featured have received rave reviews from critics all over the world.

The Album Cover Art

The album cover of 'Graduation' is also one of the biggest contributing factors to the recognition and depiction of its success. The introduction of Kanye West's bear, and visualization of it (him) blasting off out of high school, leaving caps and gowns floating as the endeavors of new challenges await.

The artist behind this true one-of-a-kind character and artwork is none other than the legendary Takashi Murakami. Takashi's artwork stretches from personalized pieces, artistic takes, and more notably, renditions for artists including the likes of Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and more. As his artistic approach to modern-day pieces are being noticeably popularized, his claim to becoming one of the most influential artists continues to grow.

Where Can You Buy Posters of This Album?

There are a plethora of places and renditions of this artwork to help flare one's room or show gratitude to Kanye West and the influence he brings. Limited Fire is one of the leading sites that have been providing posters from thousands of artists, including Kanye West's Graduation. This site has been known as one of the most cost-efficient, high-quality, and fast-delivering poster companies recently.

You may have the highly-popularized Yeezy sneakers and clothing in your closet, his songs in your playlists, all that's missing are the aesthetically enhancing images to display and improve your home or workspaces.

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