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      Limited Fire Blog Posts

      Juice Wrld: The Legacy He Left Behind

      Juice Wrld's rise to fame was no accident. He was a young and talented up-and-coming star who connected with his fans emotionally and touched millions of music listeners worldwide. His tragic passing at 21 years old, left his fans mourning and frustrated everyone who saw the enormous potential and influence he had. His journey started as a SoundCloud rapper, however he quickly moved into the mainstream with songs like 'Lucid Dreams', 'Bandit', and 'All Girls Are The Same'. Even though he is no longer with us is, his passing has helped shine a light on mental health and drug use within the music industry and his music will be played for generations to come.

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      The Rise of Anime in Pop Culture

      The influence Anime has had on today's popular culture cannot be understated. From the music we listen to on a daily basis, to the entertainment we consume, Anime and it's iconic art-style can be seen all around us. These Japanese based shows are unique and can transport viewers to other worlds that are difficult replicate through traditional live action entertainment. As it continues to gain acceptance in the mainstream and grow in popularity worldwide, we will definitely see its impact on the culture.

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